Privacy Policy

7 April 2014

What privacy laws does Long Legal comply with?

Long Legal complies with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Spam Act 2003.

This Policy explains how Long Legal manages personal information (being information about an individual which is capable of identifying that individual) of clients, employees, contractors and suppliers or potential clients, employees, contractors and suppliers.

Long Legal may update this policy from time to time and without notice.  You should review this Policy periodically for changes.

Collecting your information

In conducting business, I collect personal information when I:

  • provide services to, or receive services from, you or your employer;
  • collect information on behalf of a client;
  • engage in marketing activities;
  • engage in recruitment activities; and
  • seek supplies.

Often, personal information is collected when it is provided by you (eg. by accessing our website and making a request to be contacted).

Sometimes personal information will be provided to me by a third party. In those circumstances, I will, if reasonable, notify you of that fact and advise the purpose for which I will use that information.

Generally you will be told why I am collecting the personal information and what I plan to do with it, or it will be obvious from the context of the collection of information.

The type of personal information collected is relevant to the services Long Legal provides. It includes contact details, position, expertise, interests, professional qualifications and memberships.

I will gather such information to make an assessment as to whether to do business with you.

If I receive unsolicited personal information which is not relevant to the business it will be destroyed.

Use of information

Under the Privacy Act, personal information may be used for the primary purpose for which it was collected, for reasonably expected purposes related to that primary purpose and other specified circumstances.

Long Legal will use your personal information only in the course of conducting business – for example to provide and market my services to you or to engage you for an assignment.

Sometimes if personal information is not provided, Long Legal will be unable to provide services to, or otherwise engage with, you.

I may share personal information with service providers who I am working with from time to time, or with service providers engaged by you who I am working alongside.

I may also use your personal information to comply with legal or other regulatory obligations and disclose such information to legal and regulatory authorities.

Long Legal will not otherwise share your personal information with third parties.

Your personal information may be sent overseas in the above contexts.  You agree that Long Legal may do so in respect of personal information which you have provided, notwithstanding that privacy laws in such countries may differ.  I will take reasonable steps to ensure that the persons I have shared the information with abide by the Australian Privacy Principles

As a legal service provider, I am bound by professional obligations of confidentiality with respect to client information.  This includes any relevant personal information.

Legal professional privilege, where relevant, may also affect the use and disclosure of certain personal information.


From time to time, this website may make limited use of cookies.  Cookies are used to enable the production of statistics around use of our website to allow us to design it better, improve its functionality and to enhance my services to you.

I do not store personal information in a cookie.

Internet browsers are usually set to receive cookies – if you do not wish to receive cookies from this website, you should change the settings on your browser.


I understand the importance of maintaining the security of personal information which Long Legal holds.  Accordingly I use what I believe are reasonable security measures with respect to both my physical premises and electronic files to prevent unauthorised use of, and access to, personal information which I hold.

Your personal information will be stored electronically by Long Legal IT service providers, and in some cases it will be stored in hard copy at my office.

Notwithstanding the above, the Internet is not a completely secure environment and you should be aware that personal information which is sent using the Internet may be tampered with or used in an unauthorised manner.


You may access most personal information which Long Legal holds about you.  A fee may be charged for this access. I may deny access in certain circumstances which I will explain to you.

If you believe that any personal information which I hold about you is incorrect or out of date, you should contact me. I will take all reasonable steps to correct it and keep it up to date.