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Conveyancing Headaches?

Are you buying or selling real estate and have hit a planning or local council issue?   I’ll be the first to admit that planning and local government law in New South Wales has grown ludicrously complex in the last few decades.   The amount of regulation can be mind-boggling and can have significant effects that are not readily apparent until it comes time to sell or purchase.   For example, if you are selling, there may be an order issued by the local council some time ago. This order generally runs with the land, thus making your property far less appealing to prospective purchasers.   As a purchaser, you should ask the vendor for a building certificate or obtain your own. You may love the property but, let’s say, there are issues with the certificate. What should you do?   Does a s.149 Certificate have notes that you find puzzling?   I have over 20 years experience as a local government Planner and Lawyer and can help you make sense of the regulation and make your sale or purchase with peace of mind.   If you are in this position, please give me a call. I would be happy to have a 5 minute chat at no charge to you....