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Since founding the practice in 2005, we have assisted developers, town planners, councils, and environmental consultancies to navigate through the increasingly complex landscape of Environmental and Planning Law. Unlike other firms, our Principal and Accredited Specialist Planning and Environment Lawyer, Grant Long, was a qualified and experienced Town Planner before becoming a Lawyer. Our team are uniquely experienced and qualified in the area of development, planning and litigation. Based in Newcastle, we serve the Hunter Region to Sydney and beyond.

Whether it’s a large organisation or a home owner, our clients want the same things

  • To be heard.
  • To feel confident the experts hired will get the task done.
  • To find solutions in their favour.

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  3. Through our phone discussion/meeting we will get an understanding of your goals and make sure we can assist you.
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  5. Upon receiving your approval to proceed and funds in trust we will begin work on your matter.

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“We would like to sincerely thank Long Legal for their support with our successful appeal against Council. Their professional and expert guidance inspired confidence in us to remain strong and hopeful throughout the legal process.  Demolition in a Heritage Conservation Area certainly proved to be a contentious issue – but the outcome, in our favour, was justifiable and fantastic!”

 – Nisbet, 2017.


Not objecting proposed developments can narrow your options.

Not objecting proposed developments can narrow your options.

Every so often we receive a letter in the post from the local council advising that a development is proposed next door and that you may lodge a submission.

Whilst it may be tempting to throw such a letter into the bin, this would severely limit your options should you wish to object to the development further down the track.

When Good Hedges Go Bad.

When Good Hedges Go Bad.

We all love trees and hedges in our gardens (and even our neighbour’s gardens). What, however, can we do when our neighbour’s hedge grows a little too high and starts to impact on our views or access to sunlight?