Belinda Charlton – Senior Lawyer

Belinda joined Long Legal in March 2016 having previously worked as an in-house lawyer and local government executive.

Prior to joining Long Legal, Belinda held a number of key positions in local government including long term Acting General Manager and Director of Corporate & Development Services at Singleton Council, Internal Ombudsman for Wyong Shire Council and the Gosford/Wyong Water Authority, Senior Lawyer at Wyong Shire Council and Principal Solicitor at Newcastle City Council.

Throughout her career Belinda has accumulated a diverse array of experience and expertise in areas such as the management of waste services, corporate and strategic projects, legal, risk and insurance, change management, major land release portfolios and fiscal processes.

Belinda is proud to have advised clients on key infrastructure and operational projects such as Newcastle Airport, new land release areas for both residential and industrial land, waste minimisation technologies, water supply and microbial contaminants, risk management strategy and claims, childcare facilities and operations, tree preservation, food, companion animals, public health, contract and tendering proposals including subsequent arbitration, probity advice on critical sewage reticulation projects and roads, commercial ventures including holiday parks, regulatory licencing, tourism and economic development proposals, wetland management, existing uses, native title and cultural heritage.

Belinda completed a scholarship program with the Independent Commission Against Corruption at the Australian National University in Canberra and has previously undertaken a number of referral and/or joint investigation matters with other agencies including the NSW Police, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Division of Local Government, the NSW Ombudsman, the Water & Energy Ombudsman NSW, the Department of Fair Trading and the Office of Environment & Heritage.

Belinda has also undertaken volunteer aid advisory work overseas in the Pacific Island nations of Kiribati assisting its government with advice on social, cultural and environmental issues, communication strategy, records management, public health, feral animal control, waste minimisation and social amenity.

In her spare time Belinda is an active member of Rotary and frequently volunteers her time for local charity initiatives and events.

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